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  • Up to 500 blocks
  • URL sharing
  • Unlimited number of editing guests
  • Screen sharing
  • Self-support
Solo Professional
To become a
genuine Drafter
per user/year
  • Unlimited blocks
  • Manual local backup
  • Email support
For small teams &
big companies
30€ to 100€
per user/year
(depending on your team's size)
price per user/year
  • Shared folder system
  • Fine-grained access management
  • 7d/7 phone and email support
What are drafts?
Drafts are visual and highly flexible collaborative documents. They are designed to support any kind of individual or collective thinking, problem framing, and project planning.
Can I use Draft for free?
Of course! Our free plan lasts forever, and with 500 free blocks, you can do plenty alone or with other Draft's users and guests!
What do you mean by unlimited number of guests?
Draft is intrinsically collaborative, each draft having its own unique URL. Whatever the plan, you can give access to your drafts to as many people you want by just sharing the URL with them. Neither your guests have to install an app, nor to register. They can start contributing in less than 5 seconds.
What's different between the Free and the Pro plans?
The largest difference is how much content you can create or add to your drafts. In the Free plan, you can create up to 500 blocks. The Pro plan does not have any limit at all.
Is it only cloud?
To help you satisfy your security rules, we can also install Draft on-premise. It will be hosted by your IT department in your local network. Price will be specifically quoted in function of your specifications.
Are my data secure?
Draft uses SSL technology with up to 256 AES encryption to protect your data in transit.
I want to collaborate as a team, what about the Team plan?
The Team plan has been designed to facilitate collaboration and knowledge management within an organization.

First, you and all the members of your team will share a common sync folder of drafts. It's like your main hierarchical file system.

Second, for your various projects, every member of the team will have the ability to create shared folders of drafts, and to share them to any member of the team as well as external stakeholders (freelances, agences, clients, etc.). It's as efficient and convenient as Dropbox!
Who manages the Team?
The Team plan is managed by one or several admins who can add and remove users as your team changes.
Who is a Team member?
Team members are those who have access to the common sync folder of drafts. In addition to that, they benefit from Team plan features and capabilities.
Do you have a special offer for startups?
Yes, we're also entrepreneurs and would be delighted to support your entrepreneurial venture and contribute to your success the best we can. That's why we have a very attractive offer for startups. Please contact us directly at to know more about it.
Do you have a special offer for education and non-profit organization?
Yes, contact us directly at to know more about it.
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