Drive better outcomes, visually.
Draft’s innovative ‘visual document universe’ enhances your ability to turn ideas into action.
A new path for planning and decision-making
If you feel like today’s digital tools get in the way of unleashing the full potential of your original projects, you’re not alone. That’s why we created Draft.
We knew there had to be a better way for teams to think collectively and work collaboratively in the digital environment—and overcome the challenges of turning ideas into meaningful action.
Draft’s one-of-a-kind ‘visual document universe’ does just that. It enables teams to explore new ideas, agree on solutions, document action items, and drive desired outcomes.
A perfect balance between freedom and structure
Give teams a collaborative space for jotting down and refining ideas dynamically.
Build a shared understanding of current challenges in order to identify desired outcomes.
Coordinate tasks across distributed teams quickly, easily, and seamlessly.
Who is Draft for?
Agile Project Management
For Scrum Masters and Product Owners responsible for maintaining streamlined processes and running virtual ceremonies.
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Agility at scale
For Enterprise Architects, Epic Owners, and Release Train Engineers who run large development programs.
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Visual Management
For any Project Managers who leverage the power of visual management to better align execution with strategy.
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Product Management
For Product Managers, Designers, and Development Engineers in charge of building innovative products.
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Everyday Creative Work
For anyone requiring a more visual, collaborative, and nonlinear way to tackle everyday creative challenges.
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What does Draft do?
Unlimited scalability
Endlessly adapt your digital documents to meet your project’s specific needs and improve efficiency across distributed teams.
Intelligent organization
Arrange large amounts of information into smaller and related sub-documents to facilitate project management and decision-making.
Seamless collaboration
A shared, seamless, and disruption-free environment that enables asynchronous and real-time collaboration.
Integration with Jira
Synchronize Draft story cards with Jira to simplify and streamline your Agile project management workflows.
Examples and quick-start templates
Don’t know where to begin? Our comprehensive example and template library helps you get the most out of Draft immediately.
Easy sharing
Share your drafts with as many collaborators as you’d like with a single click. No login required in guest mode.
Start your first draft today!
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Start your first draft today.
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